Why choose Multi-Hosting.ca

Often people choose their web hosting provider based on price. Based on the economy they make. Instead, they should choose a host in whom they can trust. Someone they can count on.
At Multi-Hosting, we are among the few hosting companies that you may encounter, with whom you can speak French or English. If you come to our offices, we will even offer you a cup of coffee or espresso. We are not robots that send you automatic replies without thinking. We analyze your question and give a personalized answer for you. In addition, our priority is your satisfaction. Our servers are powerful, reliable and fast.
If you’re still not convinced, here’s a list that should convince you:

  1. you own your domain names.
    Your domain names are registered in your name, and you have access to a control panel to make the management.
  2. your website is safe.
    We do full “backup” of each site hosted by us weekly on external servers.
  3. you are on a semi-dedicated server.
    You will not be affected by the use of other customers
  4. you have a guarantee.
    If you are not satisfied with the service received, you can enjoy our 60 days warranty
  5. we are here to answer your questions.
    We will guide you in your choices.
  6. you have the last word.
    We respect the needs and requirements of our customers.
  7. no need to look elsewhere.
    With all the services we offer, creating, printing, indexing, photography … you are served
  8. we are in business for more than 10 years.
    We have the expertise you need, and we are here to stay.
  9. we are located in LaSalle, 2052 Lapierre street.
    We are not hiding in a basement, we have real opening hours with office, you can even come and say hello.
  10. we have a passion.
    Our customers.I hope I have convinced you, at least for a try! And as the saying goes, “Trying us, is adopting us!”