Webmail Pro

A simple, fast and powerfull webmail!

This interface gives you an experience comparable to a desktop software and even more!!!


Email management

As easy to manage your email as you were on a desktop software.

Contacts management

Setup your contacts in field you can manage.

Calendars management

Your time management will be easy to do and easy to share with co-workers .

Manage many accounts

Put all your emails account together to save time.

Webmail Pro will allow to your business to share emails, contacts, calendars between the members of a particular group.  So, if you choose to one of your calendar with your assistant, she will be able to see or to add appointments. You can do the same thing with your emails. 

Add Webmail Pro to your hosting package now!

For only $49.95/year


Features overview

All your email at the same place

Use WebmailPro for all your email accounts POP3, IMAP or SMTP.

You can use it with your account from our server as long as with any IMAP emails you may have such as : Hotmail, GMAIL, Yahoo!


Anywhere, anytime!

Access your emails, contacts and calendars from anywhere at anytime simply using a web browser!

You only need an internet connection and you will access this extremely powerful system.  Compatible at 100$ with Iphone, Ipad, Blackberry, Palm, Android and Windows Mobile.

Simple and easy to use!

This interface gives you an experience comparable to a desktop software and even more!

One of the big difference you will notice with webmailPro compare to other webmail, is its speed and effectiveness.  WebmailPro allow you to “Drag and Drop”, select many items, make actions, filter, request a proof of reception and much more…An interesting option is the “Quick response” at the bottom of the received email, very practical!

All your inbox will be available in the same session, which is not possible with other webmails.

Easily do your follows!

“Flag” and “Quick response” system will allow you to manage easily your unread messages.

With the amount of emails you may receive daily, it it something difficult to do a follow immediately.  WebmailPro gives every tools you need to manage your emails more effectively!

Effective calendar system!

Private, share or public calendars.  Invitation for appointment, alarm programming.

Shared calendars is a very effective way to manage your schedule.  Members from your team will know when you have appointment, they will also be able, if you activate the function to take appointment for you.

Publics calendars could display your availability on internet.

You can choose your default calendar display (Daily, weekly or monthly)

Find everyting!

Fast and powerful search tool. Search in subject, name or message in any inbox, even in your IMAP accounts!!! (Hotmail, GMAIL)

Shared your data!

You can create email accounts and calendars to share with members of your team.

Stay in contact!

Finding your contact information will never have been so easy!  Import, manage your contacts,  Consult the history of your conversation in your contact files!


You will be protected from SPAM. WebmailPro has an effective antiSPAM technology!

Automatic filling!

WebmailPro will remember emails that you already typed and will fill it up for you.

Easily find your attachments!

You can group your email containing attachments.

Your system, your langueage!

27 languages available.