Optimisation and Ranking

Get Seen is a division of Multi-Graf Inc, specialized in increasing the websites’ visibility using optimization, referencing and ranking.

Get Seen is a small company that takes the time to know its clients. A member of our team will take personally care of you. You have a question? We will always be there to answer. You want to meet us? You are more than welcome in our office


Your small or medium sized business online… The road to success

When you need a new supplier, what do you do? You look on search engine like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Sympatico, Altavista, Lycos, etc. You’re not alone, studies have shown that 85% of internet traffic is generated by search engines. How many pages in the search results do you actually read? If there are just a few search results, maybe all of them. But how often do ou get 465 000 000 hits? pretty often! So, you probably check out the firs four or five pages, right? Visibility is everything!

You want to attract new clients and you have everything you need to succeed – except the most important thing – visibility! Your site must be highly ranked to ensure search engine visibility in order to attract a large numbers of clients to your business. Without this, your client base is limited to your current clientele and people you come into personal contact with. The potential of a website that can be found is unlimited.

Let your clients find you!

Our Services

Keywords selection

Choosing keywords is an important step in the indexing process. Well-chosen keywords mean quicker and better search-engine ranking for your web site.

GET SEEN lets you select a meaningful title and effective description for your web site.

Once you’ve signed up for the GET SEEN service, you can download a free copy of the “Keywords Guide“ from our website or pick one up at our offices.

Continuous Indexing

Every month, GET SEEN will index your site with hundreds of search engines and directories. With a monthly indexation, your website will keep is ranking. Don’t let your competitors take your place!

Manual Optimisation

We edit your HTML pages manually. Our expertise, experience and tools guarantee that your website will be registered quickly and visibly placed on major search engines.


Every month, you can review your site’s statistics on your control panel. Current and past statistics for search-engine positioning by keyword are always available.

Competition Analysis

After a complete analysis of your website, as well as those of your competitors, we will choose keywords that help ensure prominent search-engine placement. we will choose keywords that help ensure prominent search-engine ranking. We will apply our expertise, resources and experience to analyze how your competitors achieved their search-engine rankings in order to improve yours.

Links Exchange

That’s called “Backlinks” This could generate a lot more traffic to your site. Your site would be connected to others in your field by hyperlinks.

More links you have, more traffic you will get.

Our skills, experience and tools will increase your site’s visibility on the web.
A good ranking will help you make your website profitable.

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