In partnership with, offer you a complete newsletter system easy to use.

Here are some features :


Schedule your campaign

You can send your campaign right away or program dates and time. You can program your campaign to prevent from forgetting or to gain some time.  You can prepare in advance, your christmas wishes, your new year wishes, your valentne day promotion, St-Patrick, easter, mother’s day, father’s day, holidays break and so on!

Real time statistics

Many stats are available with mailContact, and this, in real time.  See right away who opened email, linked clicked even before your campaign is completely sent.

-Members activity repport.
-Know when and how many time a newsletter is opened.
-Know who and how many time and which like is opened.
-Know how many time a newsletter is “Send to a friend”.
-Know who and when a member unsubscribe.
-Know how many newsletter bounced and why.
-Know how many members declared you as SPAM
-Get some advice on when you should send your newsletter based on the amount of opened newsletter and on the amount of link clicked.

With Google Analytics, you can even track your members action on your website after they clicked on a link from your newsletter.  You will know your client needs and offer them the appropriate support.

Reduce SPAM

What’s SPAM? 
-Emails sent in a massive way, automatic and to e-mail addresses that the sender does not necessarily know.
-As we are invaded by these SPAM, we try to protect us more and more, which resulted that some emails are considered SPAM by antiSPAM systems even if they are not. AntiSPAM system analyse every email that comes to your inbox. Depending on your settings, they can remove email that is considered suspicious or move them to your SPAM folder (spam, junk email).

What’s analysed?
-The subject and the body of your email. Some combinations of words are automatically considered as SPAM.
-Black lists, some servers are registred on black list because they allow to send SPAM.  So email sent from those servers are considered as SPAM by your antiSPAM system.

With mailContact, we use a SMTP system as well as an AUTH extension that allow to identify the sender.
And, every one of your campaign will be analyse by our SPAM rate analysis tool allowing you to makes some modification on your newsletter to get a lower SPAM rate to increase your newsletter reception.

The tools available with our system will make your newsletter noticed by your contacts!

Your data are safe

As for us, your customers are important to you and you’d be really disappointed ifsomeone managed to get hold of your email lists to send them spam.

With mailContact, your emails lists and your campaign are protected by your own password and mailContact is secured by a 256bits SSL certificate.

Incredible Support

MailContact thought to everything!  Find all your answers in our user guide, in our help section or by sending us a ticket. You will never be let on your own, you will get the support you need. Your questions will also allow other users to find answers more quickly, our help section will be frequently updated with your new questions and of course with our answers.

Simple and effective

No need to install any program, only create and account and you will receive your connection information by email, you are ready to use it!

With mailContact, there is no need to have a hosting package. Even if you don’t have a website you can use it,  your newsletter system is available ou server. You can access it anywhere, anytime.  Sending newsletter won’t affect your server.

In fact, mailContact server is very fast!

Send your newsletter right away or program your date and time to send it.

Publish your campaing pn Twitter, Facebook, MySpace automaticaly.

Easily creates auto-response messages.

MailContact is a business from the province of Quebec

MailContact provides local technical support and a user guide in French and English and a help section entirely in French and English. In addition you can choose to use MailContact in French or English according to your wishes. All automatic emails subscription and unsubscription are customizable, so you can choose the language and content.

Affordable System

Sending newsletters is already one of the less expensive marketing method,  but with mailContact, you can save more.

We have two type of packages. In location or to buy.  In the purchase package, you have a fix amount at subscription and an annual fee based on your monthly sending volume, from 0$ to 1100$ per year (up to  50 000 email per month).  In the location package,  you only pay monthly, no activation fees no contract, you pay from 15$ to 125$ per month, based on your monthly sending volume.

We are so confident that you will be satisfied with mailContact, that we allow you to try it on location up to three months, and to get a discount on the purchase package.

Choice of templates

Choose among a diversity of template of different format, colors, layout and based on different field. Uniques, diversity and quality.  Change the content and send-it!

Our templates are easy to modify and fill, we have and HTML editor that allows to modify one section at a time. The changes made in one section, won’t affect other sections.  It is also easy to add some image from your own image gallery, each images that you will add to the gallery will be available for future use.
Create exceptional campaigns!

Contacts management

Easily import and export your contacts, create many contact list. Separate your members by field of interest, by language, by age…your campaign will be more accurate.

Don’t worry anymore, your client won’t receive your newsletter more then once.  MailConctact does only send your campaign once per email.  A member may be in many list and won’t receive your newsletter twice.