Mobile internet – Impact on business and personal life

With the arrival of smart phones and tablets, Internet accessibility has never been easier. Internet at your fingertips! For work or pleasure, few people go without these famous gadget.

Very useful and fast to access information and easy to keep in touch, these smart phones have changed the business world. Whether in administration or employee, many companies allow their staff to install their business emails on their personal smartphones.

How many times have we been surprised to receive an answer in the evening or early morning or even the weekend? With the emails that come automatically, why won’t we win time by replying immediately.

Everything positive? Yes and no …


  1. Improved customer service
  2. Less time spent managing email received
  3. Decreased response time
  4. Staff availability
  5. Information at Your Fingertips
  6. Close and personal service impression

The cons:

  1. Family and work limit almost non-existent
  2. Always a foot or a finger at work
  3. Deterioration of personal life
  4. Employee-boss conflict
  5. Theft possibility

The benefits are more towards employers or owners of small businesses, having access to their email at any time, they greatly improve the quality of their business. The customer is more satisfied, frustrations reduced and the feeling of losing valuable time when we are not at work disappears. Indeed, having this little intelligent gadget not very far in a pocket or handbag, at least, even if you can enjoy a day off, you won’t miss a significant business opportunity.

Work has always been a cause of conflict in couples, overtime, business trips, work at home. The impression of having only half a person with us is amplified by the intrusion of these smart devices in our homes. The ear always on the lookout for a ring, the body for a vibration, the brain lack of concentration and miss important moment that he should have lived fully and intimately with the beloved. Goodbye romance, someone, something is never far away …

Lisa Christmas
For Multi-Graf Inc..

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