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Quality is our priority!

Incredible support!!!

An hosting on which you can rely!  No additional fees, no hidden fees.

Multi-Hosting is a division of Multi-Graf Inc.. which offer a fast, reliable hosting without any hidden fees. A company established for over 10 years. Always growing and improving our services. We are available; we know our client and our customer service do come from our office. You can choose from different packages, the only difference is the disk space.

We are available, we know our customers and we give ourselves an incredible support. You can choose from many packages, the only difference is  the disk space. At Multi-Hosting, your satisfaction is our priority!

Customer service

With, you are dealing with a small business that takes care, by its own, of the customer service. Get a personalized and secure service. A member of our team will personally take care of you.

1- You have any question? We will be there to answer.

2- You want to meed us? You are welcome to our office.


We do automatic Backup of all your files and databases on an external server every week. Why does our servers are safe, fast and reliable? Because we limit the amount of sites host and we control the content on our servers.


Security, Reliability and Fast

3 important things when you choose your web hosting provider. All our servers are on constant Those are 3 important point when it’s time to choose your hosting provider. All our servers are constantly under monitoring to be sure that they are working perfectly at any time. If a problem may happen, we would be advice by SMS immediately. The servers are check every 5 minutes. It is really important to us that our reliability, security and speed are the best!

Semi-Dedicated hosting server!

Much more than shared hosting.
All the benefits of a dedicated server, but much cheaper.

On a shared server, thousands of sites are hosted on the same server.  This causes instability and a slowdown of your websites.

On a semi-dedicated server, we limit the number of  hosted website, so each website has access to more resources.  Moreover, at multi-hosting, calling our server “Semi-dedicated” is not only based on the amounts of sites hosted, it’s also that each site has some memory allocation and CPU usage saved for each of them!

It’s almost like having your own server.  You will never be affected by another client.  Your website will never go down because another user used to much resources!

On a semi-dedicated server, browsing your website will be smooth, without delay.

All our packages include  : Same speed – Same features
Only difference : disk space !